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free online klondike solitaire

The 7 Ancient Wonders entice you to an endless trip of fun in this classic Solitaire game. Play, explore and show off your skills!
Solitaire Wonders is an amazing game of skill and vigilance. The faster and more observant the player is the more possible is the victory! Players’ goal is to stack all the cards in 4 piles, starting from an Ace and ending to a King
Each pile consists only of cards with the same symbol – hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Although Solitaire is usually a single player game, Solitaire Wonders introduce your players a multiplayer feature: while playing with other opponents in Solitaire Wonders, players are able to see their opponents’ progress real-time, a feature which makes the game even more competitive and fun!

How to play

See: In game Instructions.

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